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Play Trampoline Benefits

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Love is the nature of the child love jump jump, jump house, tiaopijin... We are slowly grew up in bounce. Time flies, hopscotch and tiaopijin has gone out of fashion, but the children love the nature of jumping and not disappear, but because of the emergence of the trampoline is carry forward. Studies have shown that trampoline, a seemingly simple sport, is a great help to children's growth. So what are the benefits of playing trampoline?

1, help long stature.

Trampoline can enhance the function of children's body organs system, so that the child's physique is strong. At the same time, trampoline plays a mechanical stimulus to the skeleton, promotes the absorption of calcium by the skeleton, accelerates the growth of bones, and helps the child grow up.

2, help to exercise children's limbs, increase muscle strength.

A series of conditioning in trampoline training, so that children through these tactile stimulation and muscle training, establish contact in the central nervous system, it can make the children's movements become sensitive, exercise children's hips, chest, shoulders, back, legs, waist and abdomen and other parts, enhance muscle strength.

3, enhance the function of heart and lung

Promote the heart and lung function of children, accelerate the blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism, develop the myocardium, strengthen the contraction force. Children in the process of trampoline exercise, enhance the function of respiratory organs, to prevent respiratory tract common diseases have a good effect.

4, it helps digestion

Trampoline can increase the children's gastrointestinal peristalsis, gastrointestinal digestion ability, appetite increase, nutrient absorption completely, so that children grow better. Anorexia, poor feeding of children need exercise.

5. Promote the development of nervous system.

All kinds of tricks on trampoline can make children move from non order to differentiation, purposeful and coordinated action, which is a good adjustment to the nervous system.

6, prevention of disease.

As everyone knows, children's trampoline outdoors, but also in the sunlight, air and water bath, can withstand the external environment changes gradually to stimulate the skin, and respiratory tract mucosa under constant training, enhancing its tolerance.