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China Toy Industry Exports Rose 51.92%

- Nov 16, 2017 -

China toy products are mainly exported to the United States, Hong Kong, Britain, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, the Philippines, the Russian Federation, Singapore and other countries and regions. Like belows: exports to the United States accounted for 25.21%, up 34.52%; exports to Hong Kong accounted for 5.57%, an increase of 104.19%; exports to the United Kingdom accounted for 5.46%, an increase of 49.74%; exports to Germany accounted for 4.03%, an increase of 74.42% Exports to Japan accounted for 3.36%, an increase of 18.11%; exports to the Netherlands 350 million US dollars, accounting for 3.26%, an increase of 71.44%; exports to South Korea accounted for 3.03%, an increase of 16.6%; exports to the Philippines accounted for 2.92%, an increase over the previous year - 37.67%; exports to Russia accounted for 2.89%, an increase of 177.08%; exports to Singapore accounted for 2.65%, down 19.04%.