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Inflatable Castle Installation Method

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Installation of inflatable castle:

1. place the equipment on the flat ground, the best equipment put a cloth (such as carpet, plastic color of the cloth, and then expand it).

2. find the air inlet device, and the air outlet of the blower is connected, and the blower opening is fastened and then use the rope into the air reserve.

3. the blower is connected to the power supply, and the equipment will muster up in 5-10 minutes.

Installation of auxiliary fan:

1. selection of GB 1.5mm2-4 mm2 cable and Ruoganmi fan is connected, the other end is connected with the air switch, and connect the electric shock protector.

2. before use, should check whether the supply voltage is consistent with the nameplate, the rotation direction is correct.

3. should be a reliable grounding wire casing, and regularly check the fan, the air inlet on the fence, to avoid accidents.

Cleaning and collection of equipment:

1. cut off the power supply, open the fan interface and exhaust port, exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, the remaining gas to be squeezed. If the equipment is flooded due to rainy days, the water must be drained and dried

2. do cleaning treatment, you can use detergent powder to wipe stains, grease, and then clean with water, sun drying can be.

3. the equipment with the bottom surface of the folded, stopped front, and then tarpaulin cover the good.

4., if not for a long time, clean equipment folded, bundled, packaged. Storage temperature generally in -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius is appropriate. 5. fans should pay attention to moistureproof and anti-corrosion. Inflatable equipment should pay attention to prevention of insects bite.

Maintenance measures:

1. in order to ensure your equipment to reach the normal service life, in the boot play can not participate in too many children play.  The general capacity of 3 square meters of a child in the air on.

2. small shape decoration on the facilities, can not let children pull hard, hard tear, so as not to damage.

3. children play, can not let the children scribble on the device with graffiti hard to avoid damage.

4. in case of damaged equipment, can be damaged and spare PVC materials are coated with special glue, glue 5 minutes after the non stick hand, adhesion, appropriate extrusion, a few minutes can be used.

The pressure is 5. on the device, check there is no excessive leakage, tearing holes, or power; pressure is too hard to block the air inlet fan.

6. if the large area of abnormal use damage, the factory can provide professional maintenance services, or directly sent back to the factory for repair.