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How To Protect Children When Playing Outdoor Playground Equipment Security

- Oct 19, 2017 -

About the safety precautions for children to play indoor recreation equipment, you should have a better understanding of the high holiday had spent a lot of space to this detail. In fact, compared with indoor recreational equipment, outdoor amusement equipment safety accident rate is much higher, more attention should be paid to the parents.

In general, there are outdoor amusement facilities in kindergartens, parks, residential quarters and other venues. The more common outdoor amusement equipment is mainly composed of plastic slide, wooden combination slide, stainless steel slide, seesaw, swing, trampoline, climbing frame, climbing wall, children development projects and so on.

Due to the restrictions of site conditions, outdoor amusement equipment is at most paved by the ground to protect the safety of the child, there are few security nets and guardrail and other safety equipment. Moreover, the outdoor amusement equipment itself belongs to the higher risk factor amusement equipment.  Therefore, children are more likely to have accidents in the process of playing outdoor amusement equipment. So, how should we protect the safety of children playing outdoor amusement equipment?

First, the responsibility and obligation of the equipment supplier.

There are some outdoor playground equipment for children is free to use, there is some need to pay to use, whether it is free or not, these outdoor recreation equipment providers have direct responsibility for the safety of children.

For the sake of children's amusement safety, the equipment supplier must strictly control the quality in the purchase of outdoor amusement equipment, and purchase some good quality and relatively durable outdoor amusement equipment. At the same time, the equipment suppliers should regularly check and repair the outdoor amusement equipment regularly.

In addition, for outdoor recreation equipment such as pay, now more fire outdoor development projects, in addition to the operator to provide safe recreation environment, also need to ensure that the children are playing in the process of safety.  Before the children begin to experience, it is necessary to repeatedly confirm whether the safety equipment is solid and effective, at the same time, we should also inform the children of the basic rules of play.

Two, parents must do a good job of supervision

In general, free outdoor rides don't have staff. The safety of children lies mainly in the care of their parents. If parents take their children to play outdoor amusement projects, we must keep up with the pace of the children, do a good job of supervision.  You know, a lot of security accidents occur in the case be caught off guard. An inattentive child was wounded.

Combination slide is also a representative amusement equipment in outdoor amusement equipment

Of course, even for paid outdoor rides, parental supervision is equally important. There have been children playing children in the expansion of the time, because the staff to the children's seatbelt is not strong enough, resulting in children falling from the high altitude of the tragedy of death. Therefore, the child's safety can not be handed over to the staff, parents themselves have to do a good job of safety certification.

Three, the children themselves must abide by outdoor amusement equipment rules of play

No matter what kind of amusement project, if not in accordance with the rules of the equipment to operate, it is easy to happen such an accident. Therefore, parents must always tell their children to operate strictly according to the rules.

The shade, Netdragon, climbing frame, slide and so on the layout of the well-proportioned.

When playing in the sandbox, must not use sand scattering of others; when playing on the slide, slide the slide from the low-end export should not go, avoid pyramid behavior; when playing on the seesaw, avoid excessive force, and must hold the handle; when playing on the swing, to ensure that no other people around, so as not to swing the swing of the process of slander and to others, and, in the process of the swing must not let go; when playing stainless steel slide, avoid holding plate by hand, in order to avoid the skin and rub broken skin friction plate