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Analysis On The Merits And Demerits Of Naughty Fort And Inflatable

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Many of the first contact investors are not particularly familiar with the fort and the inflatable castle, and they may even think that the two are the same thing. In fact, naughty castle and inflatable castle are two completely different rides. So, what are the differences between the two? What can we do to make a brief comparison and introduction of the two aspects?:

First, the use of materials

The inflatable castle is made of PVC mesh cloth.

Inflatable castle, as its name implies, is inflatable, made of PVC mesh cloth, with centrifugal fan blowing tension and pressure difference inside and outside the film to form a large amusement equipment. The naughty fort is provided by the galvanized steel pipe, steel casting platform, PVC soft bag, protective nets and other materials to build the framework, built a variety of amusement equipment which is formed by the combination of children's activity center. The built-in amusement equipment is mainly composed of soft, multilayer density board, plastic and other materials to create a.

The main material is plastic, naughty Fort density board and PVC as well as the international soft galvanized steel pipe

Two. Main amusement items

The recreational items included in the inflatable fort are relatively single, mainly inflatable trampoline and inflatable climbing pavilion. The naughty Fort contained rides are more diverse, there are slides, ocean ball, basin, electric soft amusement equipment, trampoline, climbing frame, net cage, drill holes, rainbow hundreds of amusement equipment. In contrast, naughty fort is more interesting and entertaining.

Three, site

Inflatable fort is mainly installed outdoors, square and park is a more common place of inflatable fort. Therefore, the inflatable fort is affected by climate factors more obvious, only seasonal operation.

The location of the inflatable fort is mainly in the square, park and community, so it is greatly influenced by climate factors.

Naughty fort is mainly installed in the room. Generally speaking, the ideal operation sites of naughty fort are mainly shopping malls and supermarkets, where the passenger flow is relatively large.  Therefore, its operation is not affected by weather season, can operate all weather.

Four, capital investment

The main material is inflatable castle PVC net clamping cloth, do not need to build the framework, also do not need interior decoration, low cost, recreation equipment purchase costs are low, coupled with the low rent, overall, inflatable castle capital investment is not high. And the internal structure of naughty fort is more complex, more kinds of built-in amusement equipment, relatively high cost of cost, coupled with expensive site rent, so the capital investment is much higher.

Compared with inflatable fort, naughty fort's internal structure is more complex, more materials are used, so the cost of production is relatively high.

Five, investment risk

Inflatable Fort equipment purchase cost is low, the site rent is low, so the total capital investment is less. In addition, it also has strong mobility (if the square out of business, can change a square), in site leasing is also more flexible (can choose more suitable for short-term rental season climate), overall, investment risk is relatively low. And the Fort Fort equipment purchase cost is high, the site rent is also high, moreover, it can not change the site at random, therefore, the investment risk is relatively high.

Six. Equipment safety

The frame of the naughty castle is firmly connected with the ground, and the whole collapse will not happen.

The 48MM zinc plated steel pipe is used in the bracket part of the fort, which has strong bearing capacity and is not easy to bend and deform. It is firmly linked to the ground, and almost no collapse occurs. The inflatable castle is inflatable amusement equipment, but once encountered windy weather, the risk factor can be said to be soaring straight. Many places have happened inflatable castle by the strong wind fly or inflatable trampoline burst, leading to falls in children even killed a major safety accident.

In the windy days, the inflatable fort was lifted and the children were injured.

And the framework of the naughty fort and all recreational equipment are strictly in accordance with children's safety standards for production and installation, that is to say, amusement equipment itself is very safe. Therefore, as long as the operators regularly check and timely remove all kinds of amusement equipment fault problems, children can also strictly operate according to the operating rules of amusement equipment, basically no safety accidents.

Combined with the above, we can not see that the gas Fort earlier investment, investment risk is low, but the economic benefits are relatively poor, the risk of safety incidents is relatively high.