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What is the normal life of inflatable castle toys?

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Buy inflatable castle customers in addition to care about the price and quality, the main concern is the use of inflatable toys that use life, how long would be a good product quality is inflated, the following small talk about factors influencing the service life.

Inflatable castle life is an important factor of a product quality, so the raw materials used, is the most fundamental reason, currently on the market, said his slides are using what material, how thick, the most important is cheap, in fact, we have to believe that a manufacturer. What they want is to give you the interest, the price is low, it is not possible to give you a good material.

Processing, in addition to the use of raw materials, production technology is also able to see an inflatable castle the length of life, double suture, bubble process, heat sealing technology is currently the most advanced production is the production of inflatable products production