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What are the large outdoor playground equipment?

- Oct 19, 2017 -

What are relatively large new amusement equipment? In real life, a lot of amusement equipment manufacturers in order to obtain more long-term development, will design some new cutting new amusement equipment, to attract tourists. So what are the bigger new products that are more fun?

Comprehensive observation of the market, you can find, in fact, in an amusement park, the room for tourists to choose is very large, the product is not only novel appearance, diverse styles, but also interactive. New products such as shark fighting Island, luxury horse, dream gyro and planet commandos, large sedan are relatively popular among tourists.

In the play of these new amusement equipment, visitors should pay attention to compliance with product specification, abide by the staff guidance and recommendations, not to the parts of the body out, don't swing greatly, so enjoy the same time will not cause the accident.