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To extend the life of the naughty fort amusement equipment

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Amusement equipment belongs to the hardware facilities, in the operation and use of the process, will certainly appear such as wear and destruction. So, how can we prolong the service life of amusement equipment? This requires operators to pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of amusement equipment. Here we introduce some more practical maintenance knowledge of amusement equipment:

First, the surface cleaning work must be based on the material distinction

1, plastic parts can be soapy water, disinfectant powder, bleaching powder and other diluted soak, with soft cloth or soft brush scrub, and then rinse with clean water, and finally dry with a clean cloth or electric fan drying.

2, soft sponge part can be washed with soft cloth soapy water, and then rinse with clean water, and finally dry with a clean cloth or electric fan drying.

3, wet, heat resistant, non fading wooden parts, after cleaning a little to dry, otherwise it will lead to decay or deformation of wood parts.

Two, metal parts to embroidery

Can brush the rust, and then use dry cloth to clean, finally get sun dried. It is best to buy environmentally safe flowing paint spray again, this can be good protection for metal parts.

Three. Maintenance of electric amusement equipment

1, electric amusement equipment in the cleaning work, first of all to ensure the power off, secondly, prohibit watering, generally use wring dry wet cloth scrub, after dry dry, then connected to the power supply.

2, periodic inspection of the circuit, timely replacement of aging wires, circuit failures should be timely maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of amusement equipment.

Four, regularly check the connection part is not firm, if there is loose phenomenon, timely fastening. In addition, the connecting part of the activity should be lubricated regularly.

Five, all amusement equipment, open the slide, the drill barrel part should not have water in the rain, after if there should be timely clean water and cleaning and disinfection work, the best is the drainage hole on the lower part of a diameter of 4 mm.