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High-quality naughty fort in the timber on what requirements

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Naughty fort is a large custom product, a complete naughty Fort need to use a variety of materials and components. The quality and specifications of these materials are directly related to the quality of the whole fort and the safety of the children. So, what are the special requirements of high quality naughty fort in timber?


In the design of the naughty, naughty fort in order to enhance the interest, make full use of limited space, many will be naughty Fort designed with two layers or three layers in space are constructed, which need to use the column.

The column plays a supporting and constructing framework of role in the children's Park, the fastness is particularly important.  Generally speaking, the column of children's paradise is galvanized steel pipe with diameter of 48mm.

Plastic parts:

Most of the decorations in slide, guardrail and amusement equipment are mainly plastic. For the safety of children, plastic parts must be non-toxic and tasteless food grade plastic. In general, children's park with plastic special material imported by LLDPE rotational rotational molding, food grade plastic material, bright color, anti ultraviolet (UV) ability to reach the 8 level, antistatic ability, impact resistance, safety and environmental protection, good weather resistance, high strength.

Soft roll:

Now the main trend is soft naughty fort, is also one of the material in the material more naughty. Sea pool, basin, and so on are useful to the soft doll house. Naughty Fort soft bag is generally used for 15mm high strength thick board, forming after brushing the surface of imported high strength adhesive with 20mm thick white high elasticity of environmentally friendly non-toxic EVA (Hai Mian), to ensure the integrity of the product so that the stress strength is greater and stronger toughness. The surface leather case is made of thick 0.4mm hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) soft coating cloth, which has the characteristics of waterproof, flame retardant, anti ultraviolet, tearing and so on.

Rainbow ladder:

The rainbow ladder for its iridescent colors and deeply loved children, is an indispensable part in the naughty fort. Naughty rainbow ladder inside the wooden, tundish weight sponge, the outermost layer of a layer of imported super PVC warp knitting flash leather, high strength, excellent safety performance, installation angle less than 30 degrees.

Connectors and screws:

Parts of connector and screw and naughty installation necessary, directly affect the safety and soundness of the naughty fort. The connection parts in the naughty fort are usually made of ductile cast iron, and the special high strength anti loosening screw is made. The screw is made of stainless steel high strength screw, with protective and environment-friendly plastic cover.

Ocean ball: when the children play the ocean ball pool, they will do the treading, pinching, grasping, throwing, pressing and other actions on the ocean ball. Therefore, the quality of the sea ball should be smooth, strong compression resistance, not easy to damage. In addition, the sphere specification can effectively prevent children from swallowing and other dangers.