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Children play inflatable castle size to do the most appropriate

- Oct 19, 2017 -

When buying recreational inflatable castles, customers encounter all sorts of problems.

Subdivision, children's inflatable toys are divided into inflatable castle, inflatable slide and inflatable rock climbing three types, in which inflatable rock climbing is a whole set of ways, the style is also very similar. And inflatable castle and slide is different, the two are custom type, the main size manufacturers only provide a reference, mainly by the client.

So inflatable castle how to choose, at present in the market inflatable castle size is divided into: 30 Ping, 40 Ping, 50 Ping, 60 Ping, 98 Ping and 100 Ping above, style we can choose their own pictures. Mainly depends on the size of their own site and their own way of operation.

In Zhengzhou this year, the real Disney inflatable bed castle has more than 60 sets of production, has become the most popular inflatable castle in a few years, the main size is 98 flat size.

Requirements for management methods and site. In residential management and supermarket door to attract children's main choice is 30 Ping and 40 ping.

The elderly and entrepreneurs choose in the square, park, and some will be used for inflatable castle kindergarten children play buying mainly concentrated between 50 square -98 square.

In the amusement park and indoor children's paradise, mainly reflected in 98 and 100 Ping above the style of modeling.

In modeling: the most popular in recent years are reflected in Disney inflatable castle, marine children inflatable slide and inflatable rock climbing City, these styles are the most popular products in their respective classification products.